Projects Overview

Projects Overview


Project ZT(2010)3: Food Safety Seminars in Durban and Pretoria, South Africa
Start date: 10 March 2011
End date: 16 March 2011
A short (1-day) training will be given in Durban in the margins of an international congress on transport of chemicals (making use of the facilities without costs). This will be followed by more comprehensive food safety training in Pretoria on 16 March.
Documents: M/A/ZT(2010)3/2; M/A/ZT(2010)3/1PRS/ZT(2010)3/1

Project ZT(2010)2: Food and Feed Training Conference in Khartoum, Sudan
Start date: 22 November 2010
End date: 26 November 2010
A 4-day intensive training was given at the University of Khartoum on basic principles of food, feed and water safety and management.
Document: PRS/ZT(2010)2/1

Project ZT(2010)1: Sponsoring the capacity building congress: “International Pharmacology Congress: Havana 2010”
Start date: 13 December 2010
End date: 16 December 2010
Because of its capacity building objective for Cuba and South American nations, OHP sponsored this congress with €1,000. In addition a lecture was given on the use of animals in pharmacology testing and the participants were provided with information about OHP.
Documents: MB/M/BD(2010)1A and MB/M/BD(2010)1B

Project ZT(2009)4: Meeting of the Harvard University Food Policy Committee (PAPSAC) in Boston, USA and meeting at the World Bank in Washington,DC, USA
Start date: 22 November 2009
End date: 23 November 2009
Participation of the Managing Director (as a full member) in the annual PAPSAC Meeting. This was followed the next day by a fundraising meeting at the World Bank.
Document: PRS/ZT(2009)4/1

Project ZT(2009)3: Promotion and Fundraising visits in the EU
Start date: 28 October 2009
End date: 29 October 2009
Visits of the Chairman of the Management Board and Managing Director to: Netherlands Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs, EU.EC.DG.AIDCO, EU.EC.DG.SANCO, Bunge (Agri-business and Food Production Industry).
Document: PRS/ZT(2009)3/1

Project ZT(2009)2: 7th Congress on Toxicology in Developing Countries
Start date: early September 2009
End date: mid September 2009
At the request of the organising committee of the congress, Orange House Partnership (OHP) lectured on basic principles of chemical risk analysis at the congress, which has been held from 6-10 September in Sun City, South Africa. At plenary and scheduled bilateral meetings with representatives of developing countries OHP’s mission and objectives were explained and arrangements were discussed for OHP assistance in specified projects.
Document: PRS/ZT(2009)2/1

Project ZT(2009)1: Food Risk Assessment Training China
Start date: March 2009
End date: end of May 2009
At the joint request of the Shanghai Ocean University and the Institute of Agro-food Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) a series of six seminars were held in Shanghai and Beijing from 20-27 May on the following subjects:
– Food and feed risk assessment: general principles and approaches as applied in the EU and the role of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA);
– Risk assessment and risk management of genetically modified organisms in the EU: an example that could be considered by the Chinese authorities;
– Risk assessment strategies for food and feed: considering new scientific developments;
– Harmonisation, cooperation and independency in risk analysis processes: a matter of transparency and trust;
– The scientific evaluation of nutrition and health claims: the role model of EFSA
– General principles of risk analysis.
Document: PRS/ZT(2009)1/1


Project RT(2011)4: Development of a scholarship fund for promising students from developing countries
Start date: July 2011
End date: December 2012 (expected)
A comparative analysis of world-wide University Master Programmes in food safety was made by Ms Rozita Spirovska Vaskowska of the Wageningen University on behalf of Orange House Partnership. This analysis of 25 universities showed that possibilities for full scholarships for food safety master’s programmes are always linked to either a work commitment for a period of at least one year to the sponsoring party, or require work experience. All other scholarships only partly cover the student’s expenses. For extremely poor students from developing countries without work experience who wish to return to their country immediately after obtaining their diploma to dedicate their knowledge to the public sector, options for full financial support do not seem to exist. As a joint activity of Orange House Partnership and the Wageningen University, a trust fund has been established for the support of such students. However, potential funders have not yet been found and are still being sought.
Documents: not yet available

Project RT(2011)3: Development of an MOU with GAIN
Start date: Spring 2011
End date: 1 November 2011
Following a series of meetings and other communications between OHP and representatives of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN, see the text of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalising the intent to share experience, knowledge and manpower, was signed on 1st November 2011.
Document: MOU(2011)2

Project RT(2011)2: Series of GHS training courses in Southeast Asia and China
Start date: June 2011
End date: April 2012
As a joint activity of OHP and UNITAR and with financial support of the European Union, a total of 13 training courses supporting the implementation of the Globally Harmonised System for the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) were given subsequently in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and China from September- November 2011. The training materials (PowerPoint presentations and practical exercises) had been developed by UNITAR and OHP. The training courses were given by 4 Orange House Partnership experts and 4 experts selected by UNITAR and OHP executives from member countries of the UNITAR GHS Program Advisory Group.
Documents: PRS/RT(2011)2/1 (Project report summary); R/RT(2011)2/1/REV5 (Full report of the training courses, Part 1); R/RT(2011)2/1A (Full report of the training courses, Part 2A): Basic Training Course-GHS Introductory Course);
GHS Advanced Training Course: Lesson 1 (Introduction, including hazard communication); Lesson 2 (Classification of Physical Hazards); Lesson 3 (Classification of Health Hazards); Lesson 4 (Classification of Environmental Hazards); R/RT(2011)2/1B (Full report of the training courses, Part 2B: exercises)

Project RT(2011)1: Lecturing at the University of Khartoum, Sudan
Start date: 23 February 2011
End date: not yet decided
Lecturing at the 1st International Conference on Health; Bilateral discussions with the senior management of the University about options for future training at the Faculty of Public health and the Environment and the possibility to agree on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
Document: PRS/RT(2011)1/1

Project RT(2010)9: Submission of a proposal in response to a tender published by an Arab nation
Start date: October 2010
End date: February 2011
A proposal was made for the development of agri-food/feed policies as the basis of food and feed management approaches for a nation. Although the OHP proposal was one of the 2 projects in the final selection, the project was not awarded to OHP.
Document: none

Project RT(2010)8: GHS Training in South Africa
Start date: 8 March 2011
End date: 15 March 2011
At the request of South African authorities and the Responsible Packaging Management Association of Southern Africa (RPMASA) a 2-day training in the Globally Harmonised System for the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals and Mixtures will be organised in Durban on 10-11 March as part of an international conference on transport of chemicals. Because of the huge interest in this training, the training will be repeated in Pretoria on 14-15 March.
Document(s): M/A/RT(2010)8/1/REV1; PRS/RT(2010)8/1; R/RT(2010)8/1REV1/Part1; R/RT(2010)8/1REV1/Part2

Project RT(2010)7: A session on food risk assessment at the CIFSQ Conference, Shanghai, China
Start date: 10 November 2011
End date: 12 November 2010
The conference was organised under the auspices of AQSIQ, MOH and MOA in China. OHP was requested to organise a session on new development in risk assessment approaches.
Document: PRS/RT(2010)7/1

Project RT(2010)6: Harmonization of food information systems and approaches
Start date: April 2010
End date: the aim is to finalise the project in 2013
With participation of “Bureau Brussels” (a corporate affairs office) and the Caesar Group (an IT group) OHP has developed a project aiming at a EU-wide consensus on a multi-faceted consumer food information approach. The project will include multi-stakeholder dialogues, interviews, workshops and more. The project was presented in November 2011 in Brussels and the project kick-off meeting was held in March 2012.
Document(s): MB/M/BD(2010)2/REV1project summary flyer; D/RT(2010)6/2/REV3; D/RT(2010)6/4REV1; D/RT(2010)6/5/REV1; R/RT(2010)6/1; R/RT(2010)6/2

Project RT(2010)5: “Fair Food” Project development
Start date: April 2010
End date: not determined
Project proposal to address social, animal welfare, environmental and quality-raìelated claims on foods with the objectives to harmonise terminology used, criteria and compliance monitoring approaches at a global level. The project has been merged with project RT(2010)6 belw.
Document: see project RT(2010)6

Project RT(2010)4: Advising the Dutch government on strategic objectives in animal welfare
Start date: April 2010
End date: April 2010
At the request of ZonMW (the executive agency of the Dutch Ministry of Health) the Managing Director of OHP participated in an advisory capacity in a meeting of Directors General of the Ministries of Agriculture, Economic Affairs, Environment, Health and Science, respectively, on animal welfare strategic objectives for the next 10 years.
Document: PRS/RT(2010)4/1

Project RT(2010)3: OHP representing FAO at Sudan´s First International Food Safety Conference in Khartoum, Sudan
Start date: early February 2010
End date: 7 April 2010
At the request of the FAO, the Managing Director of OHP acted as head of the delegation of FAO representatives at the conference. This included delivering a comprehensive lecture about food safety, participation in a round table discussion and a visit to Sudan´s largest sugar cane factory.
Document: PRS/RT(2010)3/1

Project RT(2010)2: Training in food risk analysis for government representatives in Russian speaking eastern European countries
Start date: January 2010
End date: April 2010
At the request of the FAO, a workshop on food risk analysis was organised and given by OHP experts from 16-18 May in Kiev, Ukraine for a group of approximately 30-35 government expert representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. The objective of the workshop was to assist these countries with the development of food and feed management tools.
Documents: PRS/RT(2010)2/1; R/RT(2010)2/1

Project RT(2010)1: OHP participation in a bid in response to a call for tender issued by the European Commission
Start date: March 2011
End date: Summer 2015
The bidding consortium of ‘Cardno Emerging Markets’, ‘Development Solutions’ and OHP was awarded the project EUCTP2 (EU- China Trade Project) which runs for about 4 years. OHP will deal with all food and feed related cooperation issues. Further details are not yet available.
Documents: not yet available

Project RT(2009)5: Extensive Training Conference on risk assessment and risk management of pesticides in central Africa
Start date: October 2009
End date: July 2010
Following a request of the CEMAC (Central Africa Economic and Social Council) Interstate Pesticide Committee (CPAC) a basic training programme was developed for government representatives of the CEMAC region with responsibilities for pesticide management and control. The training was given in Yaounde, Cameroon in May 2010. In addition to the free of charge contributions of OHP experts, OHP also covered the expenses (but not the travel costs) of 7 of the official CEMAC representatives.
Documents: PRS/RT(2009)5/1; PRS/RT(2009)5/2; PRS/RT(2009)5/3

Project RT(2009)4: Comprehensive training programme on the Globally Harmonized system of Classification of Chemicals (GHS)
Start date: October 2009
End date: end of June 2010
At the request of the University of the Republic of Uruguay, with support of the Ministries of the Environment, Health and Labour, respectively and with financial contributions from the national Association for Chemistry and Pharmacology, in-depth training course was developed and given in May/June 2010 to technical experts from the public and private sector in Uruguay. UNITAR/ILO provided support by providing its draft basic GHS training material to OHP. The full report of the training was presented and discussed at the June 2010 meeting of the UNITAR/ILO Programme Advisory Group for the GHS.
Documents: PRS/RT(2009)4/1; PRS/RT(2009)4/2; R/RT(2009)4/1

Project RT(2009)3: Development of guidance on the application of alternative methods in regulatory risk assessment
Start date: 1 September 2009
End date: 30 September 2010
At the request of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health a series of 2 draft guidance documents have been developed on the application of alternative (non-animal) testing methods for skin corrosion/irritation and eye irritation for the regulatory chemical risk assessment purposes. This project has started in August 2009. The draft guidance documents will be discussed at an international expert workshop in September in Bern, Switzerland, chaired by OHP. The final Guidance Documents are expected to be available well before the end of the year 2010.
Document(s): R/RT(2009)3/1 and 3/2

Project RT(2009)2: Organisation of “hands-on” training workshops on human health and environmental risk assessment
Start date: 25 December 2009
End date: June 2010
At the request of the Institute of Agro-food Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Shanghai Ocean University and the Chinese North-West University in December 2009 a 3-day “hands-on” post-doctoral workshop was arranged in Beijing on risk assessment using case-studies and actual examples as the basis for the training. The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in cooperation with the German GTZ developed the agenda for one of the three days.
Document: PRS/RT(2009)2/1

Project RT(2009)1: Providing support to the Chinese Ministry of Health with technical and scientific aspects related to the implementation of the new Chinese Food Safety Law
Start date: may 2009
End date: end of November 2009
At the request of the European Commission and as part of the EU-China Trade Project from July-October 2009 Orange House Partnership (OHP) has given advice and provided technical and scientific support to the Chinese authorities in Beijing on issues related to the implementation of the new Chinese Food Safety Law.
Documents: PRS/RT(2009)1/1;R/RT(2009)1/1


Project FT(2012)2: Advising an International food ingredient industry on possible trends for the next 5 years
Start date: June 2012
End date: June 2012
OHP´s Managing Director was invited to participate in a brainstorming meeting of 14 leading individuals from continental Europe involved in the food sector. The outcome of the meeting will be shared by all participants as a general report.
Document(s): not yet available

Project FT(2012)1: Assisting with the submission of a food fortification dossier for a multinational agri-food business
Start date: February 2012
End date: 3 September 2012
OHP was approached by the agri-business to advise and comment on a draft comprehensive dossier supporting a food fortification safety claim of particular health importance in (developing) countries with a high incidence of a defined food deficiency.
Document(s): not available because the evaluation addresses issues which are considered confidential business information.

Project FT(2009)2: Scientific evaluation of a health claim dossier for a multinational agri-food business
Start date: 10 December 2009
End date: 24 December 2009
OHP was approached by the agri-business to advise and comment on a draft comprehensive dossier supporting a food health claim of particular health importance in (developing) countries with a high incidence of a defined food deficiency.
Document(s): R/FT(2009)2/1CONF (not publicly available because: (i) the health claim dossier was a draft and (ii) the evaluation addresses issues which are considered confidential business information).

Project FT(2009)1: Panel member at a senior managers meeting of a world leading agribusiness and food company
Start date: 9 June 2009
End date: 11 June 2009
Orange House Partnership’s Managing Director addressed the senior managers meeting on the subject of “The Future of our Food” on 10 June outside New York, USA and discussed the subject as member of a small high level expert panel at the same meeting.
Document: PRS/FT(2009)1/1