Registration procedure

Registration procedure

Experts who are willing to assist OHP should comply with the following acceptance criteria:

Specific Experts
Criteria for inclusion include:

  • Completed university education attested by a diploma (at least Master of Science equivalent) in any of the human, animal, agro or plant life sciences, including chemistry, nutrition, microbiology (hygiene), toxicology and risk assessment;
  • Several years of relevant and proven professional experience in any of the fields covered by OHP and gained after obtaining the diploma (postdoctoral training and fellowships may count);
  • Experience in management of scientific projects and/or networks;
  • Adequate speaking and writing skills of the English language;
  • Being entitled to his/her full rights as a citizen of any of the UN countries;
  • Being physically and mentally fit to provide the assistance requested of OHP experts;
  • A proper sense of respect and co-operation as well as good social skills;
  • Ability to perform professionally and independently without substantial coaching;
  • Ability to work under conditions that require considerable flexibility and creativity;
  • Willingness to travel and accept lodging conditions which may be below standards that are considered appropriate in well-developed countries;
  • Adherence to the Code of Conduct of OHP.

Project Leaders
Criteria for inclusion are the same as for Specific Experts but include also:

  • Experience in working in a multicultural environment, preferably with a multidisciplinary approach;
  • Substantial experience in the management of large projects and in people management;
  • Substantial experience in solving problems; ability to work unusual hours and under substantial stress conditions;
  • Good organisational and coordination and implementation skills.

Experts are requested to complete the registration form and send this together with the completed OHP CV summary form and the completed Declaration of Interest form to the Secretariat of the OHP Management Board at: or in a sealed envelope to:

Secretariat of the Management Board of Orange House Partnership vzw
Via del Colle Stabbiano 307,
San Lorenzo di Moriano
55100 Lucca, Italy