Objectives and mission

Objectives and mission


  Orange House Partnership (OHP)

Orange  House  Partnership  is the executive body for the financial and activity management of the Orange House organisation including the Secretariat, the website, registration of experts as well as the development and realization of all projects.

  Orange House Trust Fund Foundation (OHTFF)

Orange House Trust Fund Foundation ensures that funds (donations, gifts, subsidies, testamentary dispositions, legacies and all other acquisitions) entrusted to the Foundation are used exclusively and fully to finance projects, or contribute to financing projects of high quality and efficiency, in developing countries and countries with emerging economies complying with its mission.


  • provide professional assistance to developing countries and emerging economies in establishing of national or regional bodies for the assessment and management of risks for human and animal health and the environment following exposure to microbiological organisms, food and feed chemicals, plant protection products, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals;
  • assist these countries with the introduction of compliance monitoring systems being essential instruments for the management of such risks;
  • assist these countries with the training and education of professionals and students in areas of chemical and microbiological risk assessment and risk management;
  • provide as broad a range of scientific and technical disciplines as possible; and
  • provide such assistance for free or at minimal costs.

THE SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE OF THE ORANGE HOUSE TRUST FUND FOUNDATION (OHTFF) is to manage a trust fund that is used exclusively to finance activities in developing countries and countries with emerging economies and which are aimed at increasing knowledge and building capacity in the public sector in the area of sustainable human and environmental food, feed and chemical safety.

The OHTFF seeks to achieve its objective by, among others:

  • Considering and selecting priority projects, or parts thereof, proposed by Orange House Partnership or received from direct requests and which are aimed at offering assistance and training and/or providing advice in the area of risk assessment and risk management of food/feed and food products, pharmaceuticals, plant protection products and other chemicals to government authorities and the public and (exceptionally) the private sector in developing countries and countries with emerging economies.
  • Acquiring subsidies, donations and other financial contributions to support thefunctioning of the trust fund foundation; and
  • Carrying out any other activities related or beneficial to the above