Orange House is a non-profit partnership association of international senior experts in risk assessment and risk management with governmental, academic and private sector backgrounds. Orange House Partnership is registered under Belgian Law as a VZW (Not for Profit Association). See document MB/M(2009)1 for details. Its partners are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise and experience with professionals in countries with limited access to such sources of knowledge.

The initiative to establish Orange House Partnership originated in the summer of 2008 following the FAO Food Summit in Rome and the International Seminar on Setting Food Safety Standards in The Hague, both held in June 2008. These conferences clearly illustrated the limited expertise and human resources with respect to chemical and food/feed safety and security in developing countries and their dependence, in this respect, on more established economies. The need for independent advice and support, not influenced by political or economic agendas, was again made clear at the China International Food Safety and Quality Conference held in Beijing in September 2008 where the melamine crisis was a strong undercurrent of the conference.

Orange House offers the services of an international network of senior experts in the fields of good agriculture practices (GAP), chemical, microbiological and food and feed risk assessment and risk management, nutrition, laboratory animal science and health and welfare of animals. These experts are unbiased in that they are not subject to political, economic or geographic conflicts of interest, and have in common that they want to share their extensive expertise and experience. All experts and staff adhere to the Code of Conduct of Orange House Partnership.

Orange House Partnership has already signed Memorandums of Understanding with the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), thus securing efficient and expeditious assistance and high quality advice from Orange House Partnership when needed. Also the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has expressed its interest in developing a similar MOU.