Miscellaneous Documents

Press Messages

PM(2012)1: Press message FITI Kick-off meeting 20 March 2012  click here
PM(2009)1: OHP Launch
click here
PM(2009)2: Call for experts and announcing the China report
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Other Documents

D/RT(2013)1/1: Cassava PPP Africa Review click here
D/RT(2012)1/1: GFSP Statement click here
D/RT(2011)4/1: Project Plan for EU Parliament on Capacity building in Sudan click here
MOU(2011)2: MOU between OHP and GAIN  click here
MOU(2011)1: MOU with University of Khartoum  click here
MOU(2010)1: MOU between OHP and UNITAR
 click here
OHP Flyer, 2nd edition
 click here
The use of the Globally Harmonised System for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals for the hazard classification of wastes:
a critical note
 click here
RT(2010)6: Project Summary flyer  click here
D/RT(2010)6/2/REV3: final version of the food information project  click here
D/RT(2010)6/4/REV1: Food Communication Project: Project Building Blocks and Action Plan  click here
D/RT(2010)6/5/REV1: Food Communication Project: Clarifying Notes click here