Project Reports

Project Report Summaries 

PRS/ZT(2015)1 Training Khartoum University, February 2015
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PRS/RT(2011)1/1: Project Report Summary: University of Khartoum meetings
 click here
PRS/RT(2011)2/1: Project Report Summary: Series of GHS training courses in Southeast Asia and China  click here
PRS/RT(2010)2/1: OHP-FAO Meeting in Kiev  click here
PRS/RT(2010)3/1: FAO Representation in Khartoum  click here
PRS/RT(2010)4/1: OHP advice to Dutch government on animal welfare  click here
PRS/RT(2010)7/1: Shanghai China Conference  click here
PRS/RT(2010)8/1: GHS training in South Africa  click here
PRS/ZT(2010)2/1: Second training in Kharthoum, Sudan click here
PRS/ZT(2010)3/1: Food safety Seminars in South Africa click here
PRS/FT(2009)1/1/PUB: Addressing Senior Management Meeting of a multinational
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PRS/RT(2009)1/1: EU Training Project to assist the China MoH
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PRS/RT(2009)2/1: CAAS meeting
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PRS/RT(2009)4/1: Informative meeting with staff of UNITAR in Geneva
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PRS/RT(2009)4/2: Uruguay GHS training project report
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PRS/RT(2009)5/1: Preparatory meeting CPAC, Cameroon
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PRS/RT(2009)5/2: Fund raising mission OPCW
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PRS/RT(2009)5/3: Training project report
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PRS/ZT(2009)1/1: Food risk assessment training in China for MoA/CAAS
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PRS/ZT(2009)2/1: Introduction of OHP in South Africa and developing countries
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PRS/ZT(2009)3/1: Fund raising meetings in The Hague and Brussels
Note 1
PRS/ZT(2009)4/1: Harvard University PAPSAC Meeting
Note 2
Notes: Note 1: not publicly available, as these meetings were preliminary discussions
Note 2: not publicly available, private think-tank meeting


Full Project Reports

R/RT(2014)8/1: proposal for a distant learning programme for GAIN Note4
R/RT(2014)6/1: Proposal for food safety training in the Ukraine click here
R/RT(2014)5/1: Mission Report Senegal click here
R/RT(2014)4/1: OHP-BTSF food safety regulation training, Beijing click here
R/RT(2014)3/1: Guidance Document on Regulatory Monitoring of food fortification projects Note 3
R/RT(2014)1/1: Mission Report Indonesia Note 2
R/RT(2013)2/1/REV2: Regulatory Compliance of food fortification evaluation, Kenya click here
R/RT(2010)6/3: FITI project description revised click here
R/RT(2011)2/1/REV5: Full report of GHS Training Courses in Southeast Asia and China. Part 1  click here
R/RT(2011)2/1A: Full report of GHS Training Courses in Southeast Asia and China. Part 2A:
• Basic Training Course (GHS Introductory Course) click here
• GHS Advanced Training Course
        - Lesson 1: Introduction, including hazard communication click here
        - Lesson 2: Classification of Physical hazards click here
        - Lesson 3: Classification of Health Hazards click here
        - Lesson 4: Classification of Environmental Hazards click here
R/RT(2011)2/1B: Full report of GHS Training Courses in Southeast Asia and China. Part 2B: Exercices  Note 1
R/RT(2010)2/1: Ukraine training click here
R/RT(2010)8/1/REV1, Part 1 and Part 2: GHS Training in South Africa click here and here
R/RT(2010)6/1: Food Information Transparency Initiative click here
R/RT(2010)6/2: Report of the Food Information Transparency Initiative (FITI) kick-off meeting click here
R/RT(2009)1/1: EU Training Project to assist the China MoH click here
R/RT(2009)3/1: Regulatory Assessment of (Severe) Eye Irritation click here
R/RT(2009)3/2: Regulatory Assessment of Skin Corrosion and Irritation click here
R/RT(2009)4/1: GHS Training Uruguay click here
Notes: Note 1: not yet available
Note 2: will be released shortly
Note 3: will be released shortly
Note 4: confidential, still under discussion