We seek a world of social justice, where food and drinking water are safe and accessible to all and where basic food and nutrition needs are met; where chemicals contribute to prosperity and are managed in an environmentally sustainable manner and without appreciable risks for workers, consumers, the elderly and children alike. Orange House will be a small but significant force and a partner of choice within a global effort to support developing countries by helping them to help themselves.

The mission of Orange House Partnership and Orange House Trust Fund Foundation is to contribute to globally sustainable human and environmental safety by providing scientific expertise, assistance, advice, training and interim management in the areas of good agriculture practices, nutrition, food and chemical risk assessment and risk management to governmental authorities and the public and private sector, in particular in developing countries and emerging economies.

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2016 Annual ISES Meeting
This meeting will bring together experts and practitioners from academia, government, industry, and non-governmental organizations dedicated to the protection of health and environment. Exposure science is a dynamic field that
• Fosters interdisciplinary interaction to promote solutions to complex environmental and public health problems;
• Develops state of the art methods for measuring and estimating exposures;
• Addresses exposures to chemicals as well as to radionuclides, pathogens, food and drinking water contaminants, and pharmaceuticals through traditional and innovative methods.
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